Wild Encounters

When entering the northern wilderness you might feel that you are all alone in this magnificent landscape. That it’s just you and the trees, and you are all by yourself. However, this is not true. Every move you make is observed. They can smell your scent from miles away, and they are completely aware of your presence. You are far from alone, but you will probably never notice your shy observers.

But on a rare occasion, if you’re really, really lucky and the wind is blowing in your favor, you might catch them by surprise. Suddenly you might stand eye to eye with one of the amazing creatures of the forest. A wild encounter.

This rare moment of magic – that split second before either you or the beast in front of you will run away – is what has inspired our design. Let us transport you to the wilderness in the north of Sweden, and introduce you to some of the animals that has the forest as their home.

ICEBAR by ICEHOTEL Stockholm is made entirely out of solid blocks of naturally grown Arctic ice, taken from the Torne River in the northernmost parts of Sweden. The ice is harvested in spring, transported to Stockholm and carved into the experience that this year is called Wild Encounters. Try one of our drinks, inspired by animals in the Swedish forest, served in a stunning glass made out of pure Torne River ice.