In the end of January, Christian Strömqvist and Karl-Johan Ekeroth of PinPin Studio was commissioned by ICEHOTEL to design the second annual winter playground for the Kiruna Snow Festival in the city center of Kiruna. Together with ICEHOTEL, Attraktivare Kiruna, Tekniska Verken and pupils and staff from Hjalmar Lundbomsskolan, the playground was built in less than a weeks time.

Snow and ice are materials that naturally gives most people the impulse to play. Kiruna is situated about 200 km north of the arctic circle and gets big amounts of snow every year which makes it a perfect place to create a playground out of this material. The crystal clear ice from the Torne River adds a unique sensation which together with the snow creates a playful experiences for both children and adults.

Before it melted down in the spring, the winter playground of 2015 was a huge success locally as well as for all the visitors that every year travel to swedish Lappland to experience the exotic and snow covered landscapes of the northern most parts of Scandinavia. This year returning visitors will not be disappointed.

Among other activities, the 2016 edition of the winter playground features two different types of mazes. One that is three meters high, from which you exit with a slide made out of ice, and a lower one that ends up in a circular stage where children and adults can perform or just sit down and have a rest. The visitors can also enjoy a bigger – 15 meter long – ice slide, or just climb up any of the snow hills that are surrounding the playground.

– We want to utilize the playfulness that the materials provides, and create play opportunities that also makes a visual impression. The aim is not only to make a unique playground but to create an adventure and a natural place to meet for both children and adults, says Christian and Karl-Johan of PinPin Studio.

The playground also provides different kind of seating areas, all made out of snow or ice from the Torne River.

The park is free of charge for everyone, and is open until it will melt down sometime in april.

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