Foto: AnnaCarin Isaksson

PINPIN Studio consists of Christian Strömqvist and Karl-Johan Ekeroth, both holding an MFA in Child Culture Design from HDK, the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg. In the collaboration PINPIN Studio we work primarily with design for play and play situations, in products, digital applications and spatial design.
Our main interest is to create environments for play that hold values that aimed at more people that just the children. To create spaces that also signals play to the adults. We enjoy designing from the specific conditions of the spaces to create interesting and playful places for people to meet.

Our method is first of all to listen to the children and the users opinions, their ideas and thoughts around the specific space or what it is that is going on there, and ask what you could do there and how that could work.
Through workshops and interviews we gather material and thoughts, that we later on interpret and base our work on. With all of this, we create a place or context specific space with a unique, fresh and functional substance. For us, it is important that everyone involved can feel that they are a part of the result.

Both as students and later as self employed designers, we have been working together and individually with many different kinds of spaces and products for exhibitions, commercial arenas and playgrounds. We have worked with companies as diverse as IKEA, Universeum, ICEHOTEL, etc.
PINPIN Studio is equally dedicated to local projects as international. We enjoy meeting people and love to create new conditions and spaces where people can meet.
And we take play seriously.