ICEHOTEL – day nine

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ICEHOTEL – day nine

Today was a good day! Not only did we wake up to an amazing pink sunrise (the days are only a few hours long this time of the year…), we alos got a lot of work done. A lot of carving on the ufo beam, and the first of the three hovering ufos in the room made it´s entry. The biggest project was to flip the big block of snice (Snice is a special blend of snow and water that we use in the ICEHOTEL, it becomes really hard when it freezes. Snow + ice =snice!) over on the lathe that we have built. This block weighs somewhere around 600 kilos, and to place it where you want to without the help of machines is no easy task as you can see in the time lapse. But with a lot of bright ideas, and a lot of help, we managed to get it in position.
To be able to make the ufo:s completely circular and symmetric, we have made our own lathe. It´s not the easiest thing to lathe huge blocks of snice, so we have used a big ball bearing that once actually belonged to one of the attractions at the Gothenburg amusement park Liseberg. This one lets us rotate these heavy pieces when we are working on it. Quite cool.
The ufo is not finished, and still resting on the ground. To get it to fly up on the beam is something we are saving for later.

/Christian and Kalle