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Summer exhibition for ICEHOTEL 2014

ICEHOTEL Asked PinPin if we could create their summer exhibition for 2014. The challenge was to create an informative and inspiring experience of ICEHOTEL, even during the season when the actual hotel is not there. To create an experience that communicates the core values of ICEHOTEL, and its history and story.
What we did was to create a guided tour together with ICEHOTEL, where focus is on the story about ICEHOTEL. How it is built, what materials are used, about the place and the people that works there. We wanted to focus on the process. The continuous motion, and recycling. River to river, the water that freezes and becomes the hotel, then melts and goes back to the river. We also wanted to show the ”ugly” parts, the ones that the visitors in the winter does not see. The construction, the tools, the prototyping and sketches. So what we did was to create a guided tour, that takes the visitors on a journey from river to river. In the beginning the visitors gather around the fire, and are offered a cup of black gold – boiled coffee. Here the story begins, how did it all start. Then everyone walks to a showroom we have built, where you can read about the creative process, the force that builds ICEHOTEL.

This includes sketches from old hotels, but also coming sketches for this years hotelrooms. After that you get to see all the ice that will become next years hotel, and you get to touch and feel the ice. After that you walk back to the showroom, and get to know about a few of the huge projects ICEHOTEL do around the world. Before the last part of the tour you can look towards the huge ore mine in Kiruna, and learn about how ICHOTEL also work with Magnetite, with iron sculptures. The contrasts between the white and cold ice and snow, and the dark warm Magnetite. The last part of the tour is a huge space created of the molds that are used to cast ICEHOTEL in the winter. Here you get a sense of the size and atmosphere of the hotel, and are offered a view into the winter through huge photographs. We wanted to be honest in this exhibition. To create an experience of what ICHOTEL is in the summer, and not only talk about what it is in the summer.

Pinpin has made the concept for the exhibition, the design of the exhibition, the graphic material and the construction of the showroom.